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P&ID and PFD Development

Training Mode :  Online Courses  
Duration :  10 Hours   Fee :  200 USD  


  • To provide basic knowledge & exposures in related industry, especially in the oil, gas and petrochemical sector.
  • Learn in-depth information and facts needs to be interpreted, when reviewing design drawings and no more miss-look on hidden data.
  • Explore more on how design drawings are being prepared and develop.
  • Achieve acceptable drafting standards of knowledge and competence.


Who Will Benefit

  • New graduates who wish a dynamic career
  • Project management team and approval managers
  • All design group – design & drafting personnel, piping engineers, mechanical engineers, process engineers
  • Operating supervisor & technician, maintenance supervisor & technician
  • This program also support non-technical personnel assigned to positions in petroleum refineries, corporate offices, supplier and other interrelated companies.
  • Other professionals who desire a better understanding of subject.


Course Detail

Basic Concepts

  • Basic terms
  • Abbreviation
  • Purpose of pfd
  • Purpose of P&ID
  • Information provided on PFD
  • Information provided on P&ID
  • Process related information
  • Piping related information
  • Instrumentation related information
  • Control related information
  • Special information
  • Design codes
  • Engineering standard practices
  • Client’s specifications


Symbols And Numbering Systems

  • Symbols
  • Piping
  • Valve
  • Control valve
  • Actuator
  • Instruments
  • Notation
  • Numbering
  • Tag system
  • Equipment
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Combining process and hardware


Understanding About PFDs

  • Why pfd is necessary?
  • PFD information in P&ID
  • Heat and mass balance
  • Operating conditions
  • Physical property


Understanding About P&IDs

  • Why P&ID is necessary?
  • Equipment and system
  • P&ID and Datasheets


PFD And P&ID Development

  • Development of a simple basic PFD
  • Development of a simple basic P&ID
  • Valves – type and application
  • Development of control loops
  • Need and location of measuring instruments
  • Piping and insulation information
  • Incorporation of misc. Information in P&ID
  • P&ID evolution and changes in plant life


Safety Systems

  • Safety system in P&ID
  • Pressure relief systems
  • Safety features in industry
  • Overview


P&ID Life Cycle And Case Studies

  • P&ID life cycle
  • Why P&IDs keep changing
  • Exercise: reading P&IDs
  • Case studies
  • Future studies


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