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Advanced Process Simulation & Modelling

Training Mode :  Online Courses  
Duration :  50 Hours   Fee :  1000 USD  


  • Learn to build, navigate and optimize process simulations.
  • Learn how to use and apply advanced modeling techniques.
  • Develop the skills and techniques required for creating and running steady state & dynamic simulations.
  • Participants who complete this course should be able to use process simulations to solve problems in the industry.


Who Will Benefit

  •  New engineering graduates / technologists.
  • Process engineers who need advanced skills for more complex modeling tasks.
  • R&D engineers and researchers using simulator for process synthesis, upgrade or modifications.
  • Process engineers doing process design and optimization projects and studies.
  • Plant engineers checking plant performance under different operating conditions.
  • Non-engineers with no or limited previous experience in process simulation.


Course Detail

- Basics of process flow sheets

- Introduction to process simulators

- Fundamentals of process modeling using Aspen Hysys

- Advanced simulation techniques using Aspen Hysys

- Process optimization using Aspen Hysys

- Dynamic modeling using Aspen Hysys

- Fundamentals of Flare system

- Modeling using Aspen Flare

- Fundamentals of modeling in HTFS

- Fundamentals of modeling in PIPESYS


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