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Equipment Design Engineering

Training Mode :  Online Courses  
Duration :  30 Hours   Fee :  600 USD  


  • Provide adequate knowledge of roles & responsibilities of design engineer.
  • Enable the candidate to apply the acquired knowledge of equipment designing along with relevant industry standards.
  • Develop a practical understanding of design & sizing along with calculations.


Who Will Benefit

  • Professionals
  • Recent graduates
  • Students


Course Detail

Module 1: Introduction to process equipments

Module 2: Introduction to heat exchangers

Module 3: Design of shell & tube heat exchangers

Module 4: Design of air cooled heat exchangers

Module 5: Distillation column design

Module 6: Fundamentals and design of dryers

Module 7: Introduction to power plant design

Module 8: Design & selection of chemical reactors

Module 9: Fundamentals and selection of compressors

Module 10: Fundamentals and selection of water treatment plants

Module 11: Fundamental of boiler and accessories

Module 12: Design and selection of cooling towers


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