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MS Project

Training Mode :  Online Courses  
Duration :  14 Hours   Fee :  250 USD  


  • Improve the competency of project management practitioners and for those who want to embark on the world of project management.
  • In-depth knowledge of project management & effective utilization of project data.
  • Understand the science of project management and its application.
  • Course is important for experienced project managers and those who want to eventually become project managers.
  • Learners get the opportunity to achieve a well-respected training in a short period of time.


Who Will Benefit

  • New graduates who wish a dynamic career in project management
  • Personnel whose responsibilities include managing as well as supporting projects
  • Technical /engineering people moving into a project management/team leadership role
  • Any individuals whose responsibilities include supporting projects, such as personnel in the back office and in administrative support areas; marketers and sales


Course Detail


  • Introduction to microsoft project
  • Modifying the display of the ribbon
  • Dynamic ribbon elements


Simple Scheduling

  • Introducing project
  • The backstage: managing files and setting options
  • The ribbon and tabs: finding the features you want

Views: Working with schedule details the way you want

  • Creating a task list
  • Creating a new project plan
  • Project management focus: project is part of a larger picture
  • Entering task names
  • Project management focus: defining the right tasks for the deliverable
  • Entering durations
  • Organizing tasks into phases
  • Linking tasks
  • Switching task scheduling from manual to automatic
  • Setting nonworking days
  • Checking the plan’s duration
  • Documenting tasks and the project plan


Setting Up Resources

  • Setting up work resources
  • Equipment resource considerations
  • Entering resource pay rates
  • Project management focus: getting resource cost information
  • Adjusting working time for individual resources
  • Setting up cost resources
  • Documenting resources


Assigning Resources To Tasks

  • Assigning work resources to tasks
  • The scheduling formula: duration, units, and work
  • Controlling work when adding or removing resource assignments
  • Assigning cost resources to tasks


Formatting And Sharing Your Plan

  • Customizing the GANTT chart view
  • Customizing the timeline view
  • Pan and zoom the GANTT chart view from the timeline view
  • Drawing on a GANTT chart
  • Copying views
  • Printing views
  • Customizing and printing reports


Tracking Progress On Tasks

  • Saving a project baseline
  • Tracking a project as scheduled 
  • Project management focus: is the project on track?


Advanced Scheduling

  • Fine-tuning task details


Adjusting Task Relationships

  • Setting task constraints
  • Interrupting work on a task
  • Adjusting working time for individual tasks
  • Changing task types
  • Assignment units, peak, peak units, and the scheduling formula
  • Entering deadline dates
  • Setting up a recurring task
  • Viewing the project’s critical path
  • Scheduling summary tasks manually
  • Inactivating tasks


Fine-Tuning Resource Details

  • Setting up resource availability to apply at different times
  • Entering multiple pay rates for a resource
  • Setting up pay rates to apply at different times
  • Setting up material resources


Fine-Tuning Assignment Details

  • Delaying the start of assignments
  • Applying contours to assignments
  • Applying Different Cost Rates To Assignments
  • Assigning material resources to tasks
  • Variable consumption rates for material resources
  • Viewing resource capacity


Fine-Tuning The Project Plan

  • Examining resource allocations over time
  • Project management focus: evaluating resource allocation
  • Resolving resource over allocations manually
  • Leveling over allocated resources
  • Checking the project’s cost and finish date


Organizing Project Details

  • Sorting project details
  • Grouping project details
  • Filtering project details
  • Customizing tables
  • Create custom fields quickly
  • Customizing views


Tracking Progress On Tasks And Assignments

  • Updating a baseline
  • Tracking actual and remaining values for tasks  and  assignments
  • Entering actual costs manually


Viewing And Reporting Project Status

  • Identifying tasks that have slipped
  • Project management focus: is variance ever a good thing?
  • Project management focus: getting the word out
  • Examining task costs
  • Examining resource costs


Getting Your Project Back On Track

  • Troubleshooting time and schedule problems
  • Reduce task durations by assigning resource overtime hours


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