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Instrumentation & Process Control Fundamental

Training Mode :  Online Courses  
Duration :  30 Hours   Fee :  600 USD  


This certificate course is for those who want to learn about the I&C field in a condensed time frame and from a practical point of view and/or for those who simply want to communicate technically with I&C personnel. The program is designed to provide attendees with sufficient knowledge to move into the field of I&C. It is applicable to technical and supervisory personnel. It is presumed that participants come from a setting where they can apply the knowledge received.

Who Will Benefit

  • Student
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Professionals

Course Detail

  • Introduction To Process & Process Control
  • Importance of Process Control
  • Process Control Reduce Variability Increase Efficiency
  • Ensure Safety
Control Theory
  • Introduction to control theory
  • Control Loop
  • Three Tasks
  • Process Control Terms
  • Process Variable Set point
  • Measured Variables, Process Variables, and Manipulated Variables
  • Error Offset
  • Load Disturbance Control Algorithm
  • Manual and Automatic Control
  • Closed and Open Control
Components Of Control Loops And ISA Symbology
  • Control Loop Equipment and Technology
  • Primary Elements/Sensors
  • Transducers and Converters
  • Transmitters
  • Signals
  • Pneumatic Signals
  • Analog Signals
  • Digital Signals
  • Indicators
  • Recorders
  • Controllers
  • Correcting Elements/Final Control Elements
  • Actuators
  • ISA Symbology
  • Symbols
  • Pumps
  • Piping and Connections
  • Identification Letters
  • Tag Numbers
  • ISA Symbology Review
Controller Algorithms And Tuning
  • Controller Algorithms
  • Proportional Mode
  • Integral Mode
  • Open Loop Analysis
  • Closed Loop Analysis
  • Derivative Mode
  • Process Control Loops
  • Learning Objectives
  • Single Control Loops
  • Feedback Control
Instrumentation And Calibrations
  • Pressure Control Loops, Instrumentation and Calibrations
  • Flow Control Loops, Instrumentation and Calibrations
  • Level Control Loops, Instrumentation and Calibrations
  • Temperature Control Loops, Instrumentation and Calibrations
Control System Types And Its Overview
  • PLC systems basic training (Siemens S7-300 PLC and Wincc2008HMI)
  • DCS systems basic training (Yokogawa Centum Vp)
  • SCADA systems overview


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