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Aspen Plus: Process Modeling

Training Mode :  Online Courses  
Duration :  14 Hours   Fee :  300 USD  


  • Gain the practical skills and knowledge to begin modeling new and existing processes
  • Learn some practical techniques for building and troubleshooting flowsheet simulations
  • Reduce process design time by testing various plant configurations
  • Determine optimal process conditions to improve current processes


Who Will Benefit

  • New engineering graduates/technologists who will be using Aspen Plus in their daily work
  • Process engineers doing process design and optimization projects and studies
  • Plant engineers checking plant performance under different operating conditions
  • R&D engineers and researchers using Aspen Plus for process synthesis


Course Detail

Starting with Aspen Plus

  • Introduction to Aspen Plus
  • Develop a working knowledge of the Aspen Plus Property Environment
  • Develop a working knowledge of the Aspen Plus Simulation Environment
  • Review major types of unit operation models
  • Learn to enter Components and Property Method for a process flowsheet
  • Build a process flowsheet and enter stream and block information in an Aspen Plus simulation
  • Data input and running the simulation
  • Convergence and presentation of flowsheet results
  • Review the save options for Aspen Plus models
  • Explore flowsheet handling techniques 


Physical Properties

  • Key considerations in choosing a property method and review physical property parameters
  • Learn how to choose an appropriate Property Method to represent single chemical or mixture
  • Finding Thermophysical Properties & Generating T-x-y Diagrams


Modeling of Pumps, Compressors, Valves and Pipes

  • Modeling of pump
  • Usage of curve data
  • Modeling of compressor
  • Modeling of pipes and valves
  • Case study: How different schedule numbers and nominal diameter affect the pressure drop in a pipe.


Flash Separator Operation In Aspen Plus Software

  • Problem analysis
  • Building the simulation
  • Adding a flash separator
  • Case study


Heat Exchangers Operation In Aspen Plus Software

  • Shortcut heat exchanger method
  • Detailed heat exchanger method
  • Heater modeling
  • Case study


Custom Component Definition In Aspen Plus Software

  • Problem analysis
  • Requirements of custom components in Aspen Plus Software
  • Defining custom component


Reactions And Reactors Modeling In Aspen Plus Software

  • Introduce the various classes of reactor models available in Aspen Plus Software
  • Production of Ethylene Acetate
  • Define different type of reactions
  • Model different type of reactors
  • Usage of process manipulator option
  • Case Study: Compare the performance of different reactors


Modeling Distillation Towers

  • Modeling DSTWU (Distillation Tower)
  • Modeling Radfrac (Distillation Tower)
  • Column sizing
  • Case study: Set up a methanol - water distillation tower model


Modeling Of Process Plant

  • Apply acquired skills to build a Chlorobenzene production flowsheet
  • Case Study: Create a flowsheet to model a chlorobenzene production process


Sensitivity Analysis

  • Become familiar with referencing flowsheet variables (accessing variables), which is used in sensitivity analysis, design specifications and calculator block
  • Use a sensitivity analysis to study relationships between process variables
  • Case study: Use a sensitivity analysis feature


Design Specification

  • Introduce the use of design specifications to meet process design requirements
  • Case study: Use a design specification in the example flowsheet


Calculator Block

  • Introduce use of Calculator block for flowsheet calculations
  • FORTRAN code writing option
  • Case study


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