• I took the Process Design Engineering (ENG 101) after finishing the Aspen Hysys Basic class. During this half-month class I got and learnt a lot of very useful and practical knowledge about the oil&gas process design and simulation. The module materials are very informative and well organized which make me very easy to understand. Also thanks a lot to my instructor Jenny for her patience to answer any doubts I have during the class. Furthermore the supplementary material for each module is very helpful to give me more detailed information about each module content. In general I am very satisfied and comfortable with this class and it is beyond my expect.

    - YUECUN LOU (Terry)
    Graduate Assistant (Ph.D) at University of Toledo

  • HYSYS offered here is a Great course for new engineers and great refresher for the experienced people.....Do it if you are looking for Value for your Money !!

    Process Engineer, Calgary ( Canada )

  • The Project Management course offered by OMESOL is a great opportunity for professionals to develop the skills regarding project management. It is a great opportunity which should be availed in order to develop a great career.


  • I just completed Aspen Hysys Advanced course. That is the third course I took from Omesol. The course is very informative and a very good continue of basic course. Now I am very confident of using Hysys software in the engineering design and optimization. The instructor is very helpful and willing to answer questions during or after the course. Additionally the price is very fair and I am quite satisfied that.

    - YUECUN LOU (Terry)
    Graduate Assistant (Ph.D) at University of Toledo

  • My co-worker and I took the Process Simulation & Modeling Aspen Hysys Advance course. It was a very useful and interesting course, and the instructors were very flexible to adapt the topics and schedules according to our needs.

    - Facundo Sala
    Process Engineer (Buenos Aires) Argentina

  • Great course.My instructor did his best to make sure, I understood everything.

    - Echezona I.Nwankwo
    Houston, USA

  • I consider OMESOL a great on-line institute for anybody who wants to improve his / her knowledge about Process Engineering and a lots of other trainings. Please, go ahead and book any training you want, you will really enjoy the courses and the way the teachers teach their lessons. Thanks a lot OMESOL Team and I would like to say a special thanks to my teachers for the great job they have done during my courses. Again, if you want to learn on-line, I recommend OMESOL.

    - Estêvão Adriano Tibúrcio
    Angola LNG (OPCO)

  • I would like to say that am very happy with the courses I attended so far. I could learn a lot and like the professional way that the instructors provide their lessons.

    - Estêvão Adriano Tibúrcio
    Angola LNG (OPCO)

  • I am very happy with OMESOL and I will continuing getting training from this company. This course was the 5th course, I have attended in OMESOL, I am happy. I wish all the best

    - Estêvão Adriano Tibúrcio
    Angola LNG (OPCO)

  • Thank you so much for what has been an extremely valuable training course?you people were amazingly good! I wanted to tell you that your course outlines are very comprehensive. By starting off with your goals for the course, students are very clear as to why they are in your classes, and why they are studying Process Engineering.

    - Chandrakala Radhakrishnan
    Oil & Gas Company

  • The class is very helpful and informative. I am taking Hysys (SIM 101) now and I like the way of teaching. You are not only keep listening to instructors but also have a chance to practice yourself during the class. Additionally the training administrator Ubaid is a very nice person ready to help any questions you have. Generally I am very satisfied with this training.

    Graduate Assistant (Ph.D), University of Toledo

  • Course is great for new and returning students. It was very interactive and the instructor was quite knowledgeable to answer any questions and solve any problems encountered. I am very satisfied with the course materials, support and instructors patience and understanding.

    - Arnold Ramdass University Of Trinidad & Tobago
    University Of Trinidad & Tobago

  • The digital information and supporting documents provided by the instructor were valuable for better understanding of the course. The instructor always cordially answered all the question that I came in with during the course.

    - Ana Maria Ortiz
    Process Engineer Calgary, Canada

  • This week, I completed online Aspen HYSYS Basic course with your institute instructor and I appreciate his way of teaching, I hope this will much beneficial for my career.

    - Kapeel Dev
    Process Engineer at Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL)

  • It was a nice experience to get basic knowledge of Aspen hysys and hope that it will be beneficial for my career. Thanks for your cooperation.

    - Asghar Ali
    Process Engineer at Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL)

  • I have completed my online training through OMESOL (Pakistan campus). Training through OMESOL was a wonderful experience. My online instructor, has cooperated a lot and I appreciate his efforts and hard work in teaching Aspen Hysys Steady State Simulation.

    - Tahir Mehmood
    Process Engineer at Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL)

  • Training of hysys with OMESOL was a great experience. Teaching environment was very friendly. Our instructor instructed in easy to understand way throughout the sessions and answer any question asked to him. Additionally course was very cost effective.

    - Arslan Zahid
    Process Engineer at Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL)

  • Thank you for the recently conducted course. I must say it was one of the best experiences of online learning that I have had. The course had numerous examples and the sessions were timed to allow maximum learning. The course allowed me to learn the concepts with ease. All in all it was a very worthy session of learning. Inshallah I will soon take the other course. Keep up the good work!

    - Rehan Ansari
    Project Engineer, DOHA

  • Very pleased with training provided for Aspen HYSYS. Course was very interactive and hands on. Cannot beat it for the price! Many companies want chemical engineers to have experience in this software and now I have it!

    - Tyler Douglas Fenstermaker
    Project Engineer S & B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. USA

  • I am really happy that I took the" process design engineering " course which I was searching for it long time ago. As I have little kid at home and I needed upgrade my knowledge to get a new job, taking online course was the best option for me. I am satisfied with the instructor and the course material as well.

    - Mandana Ajdari
    Vancouver,Canada (Process Engineer)

  • It was really good experience of online leaning of HYSYS. Classes were fully interactive with enough time for clarifications. It is a good opportunity for working professionals as essay to manage classes, learning at the same time to practice on real cases.

    - Iqbal Cheema
    Manager Operations, Sohar Refinery(ORPIC), Oman

  • As a process design engineer I face different scenarios which need to be solved in a safe and optimum manner; therefore, it is very important to have proper training. I am very pleased to have taken the "process design engineering" course, as it provided me really useful information which I can use on a daily basis at work. I want to thank my instructor for sharing his knowledge and for answering all my technical questions. I am looking forward to take another training course with Omesol.

    - Jorge Rios Urquidi
    Process Engineer (SERPETBOL, Bolivia)

  • I liked the way trainer was teaching with practical examples, and with clear explanation. Yes, I am a satisfied customer because I do learn a lot about AutoCAD 2D/3D.

    - Mr. Juan Pedro Ondo Nguema Nandung
    Draftsman trainee (Atlantic Methanol Company)

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